The next Tournament

February 6, 2010

 We’re now having monthly PotShot Pool tounaments. Boston area pool players can check out the next coed tournament at Big City in Allston on February 21, 2010. $25. entry fee and the top 1/2 of the field recieves cash prizes. More players means larger prizes. Warm-ups start at noon and the tournament starts at 1:00. Be lucky or be good either way, anyone can win. Scroll down for more Big City info.  Good luck and remember “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”


PotShot Pool Tournament

December 30, 2009


Poolnight LLC Presents:

PotShot Pool Tournament

When:   Sunday January 31, 2010     1-5 pm 50 player limit

Where:  Big City 138 Brighton Ave (617) 782-2020 Allston, Ma 02134 

Join us for the public premier of the exciting new game called PotShot Pool. Coed tables, all abilities can win. Everyone plays till the final table. Secret balls, Pool Cash, PotShot rounds. See what the buzz is about.

Be lucky or be good, either way,

 “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”.


Entry fee:  $25.00

1st   place….. $100.00

2nd   place…..   $75.00

3rd   place…… $50.00

4th   place….    $40.00

5th   place….    $35.00

6th   place…     $30.00

The top 15 players will get cash prizes (Based on 30 players)

Registration and warm-ups begin at 12 pm; the tournament will start at 1pm. Big City has a wide selection of food and beverages

Rules for PotShot Pool are below. Just scroll down. 



PotShot Pool brief rules

December 22, 2009

When you register you’ll get   “PoolCash, the legal tender of PotShot Pool”™

After the shooting order is established, each of the five players at the table will take a pill from the shake bottle. This is your secret number. Your goal is to sink the ball that matches your secret number.

Everyone antes the appropriate amount of Pool Cash into the tray.

You must hit the lowest ball first.

You don’t need to call your shot. As an example if your secret number is the 8, and you legally hit the 3, into the 8 which goes into a pocket, you win the game.

When you win, you get the Pool Cash. There are five games per round.

Ball in hand is behind the head string. General rules of pocket billiards apply.

Illegally sunk balls are spotted. The same applies, if you knock a ball off the table.

The penalty for failing to hit the lowest ball on the table first is either loss of turn, or the offending shooter can be asked to shoot again by the player who follows. You can only be asked to shoot again once per inning.

If you sink your secret pill on the break, you collect ½ a first round ante from each player at the table. If someone else sinks your secret pill on the break, you may buy another one for an additional ante.

If your secret pill is sunk by an opponent, you must pay ½ a first round ante to the shooter. When that happens, announce that you’re off, and put the money on the table.

If you sink an opponent’s secret pill you collect ½ a first round ante from him/her.

You must keep your pill until the end of the game in progress. At the end, each player shows their pill to the table before returning them to the shake bottle.

Everyone shoots the whole game whether your secret pill is on or off the table.

If all the secret pills get sunk without a winner, the game ends, the pot doubles, and everyone puts their secret pill back in the shake bottle and draws a new secret pill.

If a round ends in a no winner game(s), or if players finishing in the money are tied a PotShot round occurs.

A PotShot is defined as follows; place any object ball on the foot spot, and place the cue ball on the head spot. The shooter has one chance to make the shot, and need not call the pocket.


Having fun yet?

December 2, 2009

Have you noticed how much fun the players are having during pool matches on TV? That’s assuming you can even find pool on the tube. They don’t look or act like it’s fun for them, and that comes across. It seems to me that the current format of pool has squeezed all the fun out of the sport.

Do you ever need to wonder how the pool game on TV is going to go? No, because they all go the same. Break, safe, safe, safe, safe, run-out. PotShot is different. It’s unpredictable, there’s a bit of luck involved, and most important, with five players at the table, it’s FUN, there’s banter, playing safe is not safe, and so the shot making gets creative. No called shots, so a lucky carom can win you the game. We hope you like the game as much as we do.       “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”.


tournament results

December 1, 2009

Here is the finish order for the Big City tournament.  Congratulations to all who played. Earl and I want to thank you all for making our event a success.


maurice rudkin      10500


stephen Mcormick 7400


bill mavadones 6700


larry reardon 5100


tom kirk 3500


harry azarian 3500        
jim whitcomb 3000        
ann langwig 2800        
dick natoli 2800        
mike fitzgerald 2600        
bruce lord 2400        
steven belcher 2400        
joe menotti 2000        
cliff edwards 1700        
ray brown 1700        
rich mostyn 1500        
tony woodsum 1500        
david chan 1200        
nick woodsum 1000        
claire eder 600        




November 17, 2009

The tournament went great, and I want to thank all players for helping make this a success. The final table was exciting, and everyone had fun. We’ll be compiling the results today, and posting them soon. Thanks to Ann, Bill, Tom, and Jim. Your contributions to this event were invaluable. We’ll be going over the pros and cons of the tournament, simplfying the scoresheet, and tweaking the format to make the next one even better. We’re hoping to do it again in January. See you at the next event.



October 30, 2009

PotShot logo with phrase


Poolnight LLC Presents:

PotShot Pool Tournament 

30 player limit         

 When:   Sunday November 15, 2009     1-4 pm    

 Where:          Big City        138 Brighton Ave

(617) 782-2020      Allston, Ma 02134

There is public parking behind Blanchard’s Liquors or on the street

(it is a Sunday, so meters are free) 

Entry fee:  $25.00

1st   place….. $100.00

2nd   place…..   $75.00

3rd     place….    $50.00

4th   place….    $40.00

5th   place….    $30.00

6th & 7th…..      $25.00                                

The top 15 players will get cash prizes

Please arrive as close to 12:00 as possible for registration, the tournament will start at 1pm 

Big City has a wide selection of food and beverages.