Poolnight house rules

September 22, 2011

I have been having Poolnight for my group of player/friends for 19 years now. We have developed our own way of playing Kelly Pool, and some of you have asked me to share the traditions of our game.

We used to play with fifteen balls, but these days we use ten. I think playing with fifteen sharpens up your skills, but the games can be long. With ten balls we can roll more games in a night.

Whoever is there can play. We don’t usually play with less than five, but if we have nine or ten everyone plays.

Ante is a buck. If you sink your money ball on the break everyone pays you an extra buck. If you get knocked off on the break, you can buy in for a buck and take a new pill. That’s only on the break.

If there happens to be an illegal break, and the break passes to the next shooter, that shooter can win on the break, but he/she doesn’t get the extra buck. On the next game, when it’s his/her break in the rotation he/she can then collect the penalty if he/she wins on the break.

We have no etiquette for talking, except you don’t talk to the shooter. Our room can be loud. We try to be aware of not making distracting movements or gestures in front of the shooter. We don’t approach the table or hover right by the table when it’s not our turn.

I keep a scratch box for donations and penalties. It’s self policing. Every two scratches costs you a buck to the house. Also if the night ends on a no winner game the pot goes in the scratch box. Three years ago we re-felted the table with the money, and this year we bought a 32″ flat screen for the room. If you are hosting, you should start one too.

Remember, the host doesn’t have to do this, so be nice even when you don’t feel like it.

If any of you want to send me pics of your game, I’ll post them. Meanwhile Moff.


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