PotShot Pool

February 25, 2010

Inspired by Kelly Pool, PotShot Pool is a new fun exciting game for people who like to play pool. No handicapping, simple to play, and easy to win. Lots of cash prizes, in fact 1/2 the field gets a cash prize!!  

Poolnight LLC Presents:                        PotShot Pool

When:   Sunday March 21, 2010     12-4 pm

Where:  Big City 138 Brighton Ave (617) 782-2020 Allston, Ma 02134

Entry fee:  $25.00 

This is a great new way to meet people, play some pool, and maybe win one of the cash prizes. All abilities can win. Nothing to join, no handicapping, just people who enjoy pool.  More players mean bigger prizes.

Be lucky or be good, either way,

 “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”.



Prizes based on 30 players

1st   place….. $100.00

2nd   place…..   $75.00

3rd   place…… $50.00

4th   place….    $40.00

5th   place….    $35.00

6th   place…     $30.00

The top ½ of the field will get cash prizes

Registration and warm-ups begin at 12 pm; the event will start at 1pm. Big City has a wide selection of food and beverages

Rules can be seen at http://www.potshotpool.com. Click on the rules link


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